Recreational League

Recreational League

The Recreational House program is offered for players in grades 2-12, ranging in age from 7 to 18. It provides a structured environment which allows players to develop their skills and enjoy the game of basketball.

Team formation:
Teams for grades 3rd grade and below are in general, formed by request or player's school/neighborhood.

In grades 4 and up, teams are formed by a draft for the winter season.  While this is not a perfect system, we have found it to be the best method for overall league balance.  Given this situation, it is very hard to honor individual player requests to be with certain players or coaches. ( We do offer a Spring and Summer league where friends get to play with friends.)
We will work hard to honor conflict days/times your child may have due to other activities, by finding them a team that does not practice on those days.

In order to fairly draft players, attendance at a pre-season evaluation session is mandatory for all players.
Evaluations for grades 4-8  will be held in late October / early November.
Evaluations for the Boys and Girls HS leagues, 9/10th grade and 11/12th grade, will be held in late November or early December, after the local high schools have selected their Freshmen, JV and Varsity teams.

Specific Evaluation schedules for each age group's evaluations will be sent by email to registered players and will be posted on the website.

Playing up a grade:
If you would like your child to "play up", please check the “play up” box on the registration. In general, Burke Basketball will allow players to play up a grade if they feel it will not be detrimental to the player or the league.

Playing requirements:
Understanding that this is youth house basketball, we have minimum and maximum playing requirements.  In general, each player must play 2 full quarters and no players are allowed to play the entire game.  There are some variations/exceptions on these rules and can be found in detail in our winter rules.

Practices are weeknights, one practice a week for an hour, with games played on weekends in the Burke / Fairfax / Fairfax Station / West Springfield area.
Practices are scheduled to start mid November.

The practice day and time is generally determined by gym and the coaches availability. 
For the Boys High School leagues there will likely be no practices after the start of the season.

Each team in grades 2 - 8 will usually plays one game on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday.  Games will start the beginning of December.
Each team in the Boys High School league will play one weeknight game and one or two weekend games.

There are no playoffs in grades 2-4.
In grades 5 and above, all teams participate in playoffs.

Grades 4 - 8 will have all-star games after the conclusion of the playoffs.